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Who are we? 

That's a good question and one we've been pondering for years! 
Actually, the Vibe is made up of 5 very talented guys 
and a lot of very special people who assist us, support us and pitch in to help us out from time to time 
so the guys in the band can do their thing.

Vertigo Vibe


We've added some new faces (still a couple old ones)...and some new, old faces!

Randy Stout...started Vertigo Vibe in 2003 with a clear vision...to assemble a group of exceptional musicians who take their hobby seriously, but have a focus on fun!  That first meeting of the band members in October, 2003, in the attic, proved to be fate, as the formation of Vertigo Vibe finally took shape.  Randy provides rhythm guitar, vocal harmony and a sense of organization and direction for the VIBE.  He assists with the bookings, handles the "administrative" tasks and is the glue that binds the VIBE together.  Randy's previous band work includes Vinnie and the Flat Tires, the Second Chance Band, the Daytonas and the Fudd Brothers (featuring Fred, Frank, Farley, Festus and Elmer).  He is the founding father, chief counselor, equipment manager and operations manager of the Vibe.  He is one lean, mean rhythm machine!!  Randy can also be seen playing, on occasion, with his acoustic band, FreeStyle.  Contact Randy

Mark Johnson...We are delighted to re-introduce our "new" singer...someone familiar to the VIBE...enter yet another Mr. Johnson.  Mark provided the lead vocals and rock 'n rollin' delivery for the VIBE from 2005 - 2010, and he helped us out in 2013. Originally from Lancaster County, he's played in several bands from the Lancaster and Reading area such as ZebecFilthy RichTYZWiredTimes Square, Poetic Justice, Lost Lane Boys  and Triple Shot. Keeping it all in the Johnson family name, we welcome Mark back to the VIBE family!!

Jim Dolinski...A well-known and distinguished member of the music community, Jim has been performing with the Vibe (off and on) for the past 7 years.  His first Vibe gig was memorable.....at Penn Sylvan Health Society.  His guitar style and music background have been heavily influenced by classic rock, blues and jazz artists.  Always one ready for a challenge, Jim has been a welcome addition to the Vibe and is able to roll with the punches  We're so excited to have Jim back with the Vibe!!

Kenny Play...Kenny keeps us in the bottom end (he owns the frequency domain known as the "sonic low B") and has provided vocal harmony and comic relief for the VIBE from the beginning. He also handles the sound, lights, road crew and security for the band...definitely a multi-tasker! Kenny was there in the beginning (first practice) for the Vibe's creation...and he was there through the end of 2007. Kenny has been my right-hand man onstage for 7 years, off and on. He re-joined the Vibe in September, 2009, to "fill-in" for the Fall and provide the bottom end groove, vocals, photography, lights and shennanigans; and he has continued to fill in whenever asked. He came back for the "original Vibe Reunion" in 2010, and then he re-re-joined the Vibe in March 2012.  Always on the move and working the crowd, we appreciate Kenny's contribution to the Vibe groove and sound!  Kenny can also be seen helping out with FreeStyle. 

Mike Crater...is the newest member of the band and will be taking over the drum throne responsibilities for the Vibe.   Mike hails from Pottstown and owns Mike's Brick Oven Pizza....the best Pizza this side of the Schuylkill River.  His last band was Voodoo Moon .  Mike brings a new sense of excitement, some new songs and some new venues to the Vibe; and we are excited to welcome him.  Rock on!!!

We wouldn't be having this much fun if it weren't for you!!! 

You...who have come out to hear, support and encourage Vertigo Vibe...

So,"thanks" to all the wives, girlfrends, friends and "VIBE-rators"...

we do it for you...the smiling, happy, wild folks!! 

Some of the people who participated in the Vibe experience:

Jim Convry...pitched in and helped out on several jobs from March to May, 2012, during a Vibe transition. Jim is a well-known, talented, local musician and helped sustain that tasteful lead guitar which is a big part of the Vibe.

Tom Fante...an accomplished bass player and singer and well-know throughout the Lancaster area and beyond, Tom assisted the Vibe as a sideman on several jobs and then a full-fledged member between 2011 - 2012.  He brought new material and a sense of stability to the Vibe band.

 Mike Miller...pitched responded to the calling and re-joined the Vibe (now, on bass) in July, 2009. Based in Berks, Mike's been gigging around the local area for for his entire life. He was actually born into the entertainment business, as his parents were entertainers in the Reading area. He traveled and performed with them for years (until it wasn't cool). The past several of years, he's also been doing a solo gig. He can play many different instruments over the years, and has played with Uptown Band and other local bands. Mike left the Vibe band in 2012 to join Burning House.

 Mark Johnson...provided the lead vocals and rock 'n rollin' energy for the VIBE from 2005 - 2010. Originally from Lancaster County, he's played in several bands from the Lancaster area such as ZebecFilthy RichTYZWiredTimes Square and Poetic Justice. Mark had been with the family Vibe since 2005 and left to pursue a new band venture with the Lost Lane Boys.

Todd Althouse...filled in from July , 2009, to July 2010 and provided the lead guitar, background vocals and soul for the Vibe. Todd has been a recognizable face in the Reading band scene for years. He had previously played with Hot Ice, MHz, Working Class, and the John King Dance Band. He left the Vibe to pursue a more obscure style of music. 

Bobby Fry...responded to the calling and joined the Vibe on October 26, 2009. Based in Lancaster, Bobby's been gigging around the local area for 23 years.The past couple of years, he's been gigging down in MD,DE,VA and WV. He's been playing many different styles over the years...from country tojazz to classic rock, funk and blues.... always trying to improve hisstyle, sound, and technique. Most recently, he's gigged with Screamin'Daisies, The Reggie Wayne Morris Band and Rob Hughes and the Heaters. We were delighted to welcome Bobby into the Vibe band. Catch him freestylin' and profilin' with the RWM Band. He is leaving the Vibe to pursue a professional musical career. You just may see him back with the Vibe from time to time.

 John Feeser...participated with the Vibe from July, 2009, to July 2010, and provided the precision percussion, background remarks and rhythmic foundation on which the Vibe was built. John has played professionally, toured with the band Sweet Pain from State College. Currently living in Lancaster, he has toured internationally and recorded with numerous bands and musicians. John left the Vibe to pursue his new business venture. He also plans to concentrate on his lifelong passion...tennis.

Scott Murphy...As one of the original members of and a singer for Vertigo Vibe in 2003, Scott's contribution to the band's success will never be forgotten. Always an entertainer, Scott moved on to give more time to his personal life and to focus on his DJ gig. Scott will be re-connecting with Vertigo Vibe for a few 2010 gigs. In the meantime, check out Scott's new band, Dysfunktion Junktion.

Tom Bastian...graciously "filled-in" for the Pagoda Motorcycle Gypsy Tour, 2009. A great player and a wonderful sense of humor, Tom jumped in without a practice and handled it like a pro! Check out Tom Bastian.

Rick Yohe...helped us out in our time of need. He jumped in with a days notice and covered Vertigo Vibe in Mechanicsburg on August 7, 2009...our first meeting and gig, and he's played a number of gigs with us since. Check out Ricky Rails.

Rick Schmehl...joined the Vibe in January, 2008 and provided the bottom end groove and vocals for the VIBE. One of the most laid-back guys you'll ever meet, Rick leaves Vertigo Vibe to join and flame the burning embers of Burning House.

Pete Beck...joined the Vibe in January, 2008 and provided the snap, crackle and pop for the band. He was an exceptional drummer with a flair, an eternal optimist and fed the Vibe with his comedic perspective on life. He left the Vibe to pursue a local funk project.

"Bean" Sholly...when not playing with his band, Skid Marks, Bean took possession of the drummer's throne for the Vibe on several occasions in 2009. What an exceptional beat-keeper...and one helluva nice guy!


Bryan Hall...joined the Vibe on March 2, 2008, following the departure of Brian Evola, and handled the lead guitar work and some vocals for the band for the remainder of 2008. Bryan added a new element to the Vibe sound and brought a new level of excitement, some new songs and a great sense of humor to Vertigo Vibe! Bryan is a very versatile guitar player and was an inspiration to us all. He's going to be missed as he pursues other musical goals.

Jimmy Didyoung...filling in on drums with the Vibe "in a pinch" at Temple Fireman's Carnival. You can catch Jimmy playing with L'il Ragu and filling in for several other bands in the Berks County area....he's a drummin' machine!

Brian Evola...joined the Vibe in 2006, was the youngest member and handled the lead guitar work and vocals for the band. Brian sang lead and harmony for the Vibe and added a new element to the Vibe sound! He also brought new energy, new songs and a youthful exhuberance to Vertigo Vibe! Brian was also the lead vocalist and an integral part of the acoustic band, FreeStyle. Brian moved to South Carolina for a great job opportunity....and to play golf....look out Tiger. 

Jim Nichols...helped the Vibe in 2008, filling in when Brian moved to South Carolina. He helped the Vibe maintain their level of professionalism and high standards for musicianship. We are deeply indebted to Jim for his assistance.

 Bruce Kissinger...Bruce jumped in and helped us out on drums for the Vibe's December, 2007 gigs. Hailing from Lititz, he is an accomplished drummer and was playing with a full band in local clubs and bars since age 16. Previously, a drummer for the groups "Freestyle", "Miss T and the Mosquitoes" and "Sonic", Bruce currently keeps it tight and funky with "Blue Light Special", and is lovin' every minute of it. Our thanks to Bruce for jumping in with short notice and no practice time...let 'er rock!

Terry Frankowiak...Terry is the owner and editor of the Loose Ends magazine and has been a staunch supporter of the Vibe! We share the same weird sense of humor and he features our artwork in his publication from time-to-time. Many thanks!!!

 Pete Stauffer...Pete helped us out in November, 2006, at the Paris Pub, and December 1, 2007, at Reiffton Fire Co, on lead guitar...we had a blast, and he rocks! We truly appreciate the help. Thanks!!!

 Les (PlickyZook...Les jumped in on a moment's notice, learned 30 songs and did some time with the VIBE in 2004. You da man!!

Phil Stallone...Phil made his debut appearance with the Vibe on June 12, 2004, at Paolo's on lead guitar and continued to help us throughout 2004! Phil added a "special" sound to the Vibe and deserves a special "thanks" for his help. He has incredible talent and is one helluva nice guy! And yes, he is Sylvester's cousin!! (Yo...Adrianne). Phil went on to form The Rockers.

Liz McCauley...she's a "band-aide" and helped us out of jams by jamming with us, providing ongoing support, assistance and promotion of the VIBE....she kept the "vibe" in Vertigo Vibe by covering the vocals for some of our gigs in times of need...you're an angel indeed!! Liz is currently singing for Sonic and LJ, an acoustic duo.

Duane Damiani...Duane also rose to the challenge and contributed by singing for the VIBE from time to time in 2004. His debut with the Vibe was at the CB&G when we lost our singer during the show! What a friend! Duane currently performs with the Beatnik Cowboys.

 Jeff Schwartz...Jeff answered the call and came on board in October, 2004, and added a new dimension to the Vibe sound until October, 2006. We want to thank Jeff for all he did to keep the Vibe a lean, mean playing machine. Jeff will be playing with the band, Mere Image.

Jim McCauley...As one of the original members of Vertigo Vibe, from 2003 to 2004, Jim was instrumental in getting some of the first jobs for the band. Jim moved on to continue with the band, Sonic, as well as to perform as an acoustic duo, LJ, with Liz Schaeffer. Jim also jumped back in the saddle with the Vibe for a November, 2006, gig at the Iron Post...Deja vu, man. Unfortunately, Jim lost his battle with cancer near the end of 2009. RIP.

And a very special thanks to:

Joe Webb...Joe was the official photographer, chief Gaffer and one of the biggest supporters of the Vibe.  Many thanks!!!  Email Joe please!

Debbie Webb...Deb has been a true friend and supporter of Vertigo Vibe from the beginning, and will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Jane Johnson
Jane was a dedicated band wife!  Always positive, always smiling and friendly, Jane will tell it like it is (and crack you up doing it!).

Sheri Evola...as one of the recent ex-Vibe wives, Sherri had lent her support (and husband) to the band...always providing a smiling, friendly face in the crowd!

Kay Stout...Kudos to Kay for her support and understanding of the band and for letting Randy play so much (thanks for the therapy...it helps)!

Chris Hatt...Chris was the social coordinator, chief promoter, staunch groupie and Dale's equipment technician for years (and still is the latter)....pack it up and load it out!

Joanne Play (Kenny's wife)...She deserves a special thanks for hooking up with Kenny and keeping him "grounded".

Tina Schwartz...As as one of ex-Vibe wives, we appreciated your support and on-going friendship...thanks for all you did! 

Here's a walk down memory lane fer ya...

So, what's 2018 gonna be like? G-R-E-A-T!

How do ya like me now?  This may be one of our best configurations...blending the old with the new!

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